Rainbow room inside of the Museum of Ice Cream, with black girl wearing two piece yellow outfit.

The Museum of Ice Cream: A Real Life Sweet Dream

Have you ever felt like you’ve experienced a very sweet dream in real life? If you answered “no” then you have to check out the Museum of Ice Cream. This exhibit open in Soho in the beginning of 2020 and isn’t just a place to just bring kids as I assumed. The three floor museum is filled with colorful themed rooms, mesmerizing sensory installations and a lot of ice cream of course.

Check out a few of my highlights from my visit below.

Museum of Ice Cream, Ice Cream Name Label Wall
Museum of Ice Cream, Ice Cream Name Label

After checking in our coats we were lead to this wall where we got to give ourselves an “Ice Cream Name”.

Then our amazing guide took us into the ice cream parlor. We were serenaded and given our first scoop of ice cream.

Prepare to start drooling over the dining room table covered in all type of sweets, and luckily for us we got to leave with a little something sweet to munch on.

Out of the many installations, this particular one gives visitors a background on the Museum of Ice Cream.

When we stepped out of the NYC Celestial Subway into this room I was in awe. You can take a seat and just stare at all the stars and clouds moving around you. For a second, if you’re truly relaxed and just be in the moment, you’ll really feel like you’re floating in the sky.

Museum of Ice Cream, Banana Room

My jaw dropped when a entered a room with bananas suspended from the ceiling. Everyone in the room just stared with glee in their eyes.

Museum of Ice Cream, Music Room

Next was the music room. We were able to make as much noise as we wanted with the human sized piano keys. This room leads you into the amazing rainbow tunnel that you have to experience for yourself!

Overall, the Museum of Ice Cream is an escape from reality. Once you enter those doors you’re inside another universe. You can soar with the stars, swim in a pool filled with sprinkles and ice cream reins supreme. This exhibit will give you a moment to appreciate all the things in life that bring us child like joy.

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