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How to Make Juju Hats

I must say one of the perks of adulting is having an apartment. It’s so exciting to have your own space to decorate however you please without your parents or roommates restricting your creativity. With that being said I decided to covered one of my bedroom walls with Juju hats.

If you’re unfamiliar, Juju hats or Tyn hats, as they are originally called, are ceremonial crowns worn by the royalty of the Bamileke people of Cameroon. The craftsmanship and intricacies of these hats have made the sought after in home decor. Fortunately replicating these hats is not as difficult as it looks.

Check out the video below for my spin on creating African Juju hats. 

Materials Needed:


  1. To begin, draw circles one inch apart starting from the center. These circles will serve as guides for where you’ll glue your feathers.
  2. Start gluing your feathers on the outermost circle. Alternate your feathers upward and downward on each circle. This will hide any bare spots and increase the volume of your juju hat.
  3. Continue this process until you reach the center of your Juju hat. Use the remaining short strands of feathers to fill in the center of the hat. 

There are multiple ways you can get your Juju hat to stick on the wall. I used double-sided tape but you can attach a string to the back of the cardboard or a little hook. 

Juju Hat Tips

One thing to keep in mind before starting this project is that it can be costly. I was very ambitious in trying to cover my entire wall but normally I’ve noticed in home decor that there are no more than three Juju hats on a wall. I purchased my feathers from a trim store in the garment district in New York but Amazon also sells a ton of feathers ranging in color and species. The feathers I used was a mixture of goose, coque and rooster feathers.  To complete one Juju hat it can take up to 50-100 feathers depending on the surface size you are trying to cover.

I completed this project over the course of three months and I’m so elated about how it has come together. Making Juju hats are an extremely easy DIY project to do especially with children and they make perfect housewarmings gifts. They also make an amazing backdrop for mirror selfies! Find some space on your wall and give Juju hats a try. 

African Juju hat made of lavender goose feathers and grey rooster feathers.

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