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Adjusting to the “New Normal”

I am…. nothing?

Words I said to a stranger in a dream where I was asked what I do for a living. Many of us have experienced being furloughed and/or officially becoming laid-off as a result of Covid-19. I spent many moons laying in my bed thinking, “Is this the end for me?” I had my dream job.  A job where I went home at the end of most days and called my eldest sister back in Miami. Spilling the tea on new projects I had started and all the exciting things that I did in the office.

I had a job I was proud of; unlike most college graduates, I was actually working in the field I got my degree in. It gave me reassurance that leaving Miami to study fashion in New York City was worth it cause I’m where I worked so hard to be. Now it’s June, and I’m back in Miami, fleeing the city but also fleeing reality. When I left New York was working in the luxury jewelry industry; now, I’m returning to New York as….. nothing. 

I just started living the life I dreamt of in college. My friends and I couldn’t wait to graduate and work in the “industry”. We sat in classrooms with experienced professors who shared stories about flying to Europe to buy for luxury stores, working on media campaigns for big brands, and doing factory visits in China. We couldn’t wait for our turns to be apart of this world. 

But who would have thought this would be our world right now. 

Do we watch our dreams wither? 

Is this the point in my life where I give up and start doing meaningless day-to-day work just to pay my NYC rent (and loans) and put that fire that burnt so brightly in me out? 

When I wrote this seven months ago, I was in a different space as many of us were. 2020 had us facing harsh realities about society and facing even more difficult realities about ourselves, which was even scarier. We had to face the fact that some things will change, and what’s more frightening for humans than change. But the way we adapt to all the uncertainties will determine how we make it through the storm. 

So with that said, I hope you stay tuned with the Unofficial Cool because so much has changed. I started a new job in my field, started a new consulting company, and moved into a new apartment. I’ve prioritized myself and wholly distanced myself from the toxic people in my life, which totally changed my life for the better. 

I must admit my pride wouldn’t let me release this article back in June, but I hope my releasing it now is reassuring. I hope it gives you the hope you need to realize that you can get through anything. Positivity and faith in yourself only make this journey easier. 

So let’s continue to talk about life together. Like my newest article, “For All the Single Ladies,” which provides insight on what it feels like to be a single millennial woman. We’ll talk about brunch in the city now that indoor dining has opened up and about how to make your first apartment feel like home. Of course, I’ll keep you update on the latest style trends and provide you with the best beauty tips the internet can offer. Just trust us at the Unofficial Cool, were navigating this uncertain and sometimes complex journey with you. Uplifting, motivating, and guiding you to be the best, most empowered, and unofficially the coolest person you can be in 2021. 

Keep your head up babe, we gotcha!

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