Pumpkin Picking 2016!!!

Tis the season for every thing pumpkin. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin flavored Oreos and even scented candles. As this maybe be a shock to the millions of pumpkin lovers out there but I’m not really a pumpkin fan but my lack of adoration for pumpkins didn’t stop me from celebrating this one fall tradition: Pumpkin Picking!!! As a native south Floridian pumpkin picking isn’t as popular of a fall activity like drinking under the palm tree in your backyard with your cousins. So once I made my move to the great north this was one of the activities I wanted to get off my bucket list.


Since I’m no pro at this pumpkin picking life it took me forever to find something to wear. Since the temperatures in New York was spiraling down very quickly I knew I had to bundle up so I chose to wear this old burgundy cardigan sweater I’ve owned since I was five but this cardigan from H&M is very similar. I wanted to wear a dress but women wearing men’s clothing is ten times cuter so I chose to wear a men’s button-down shirt like this one from American Eagle. I threw on these burgundy tights from Old Navy, cognac colored booties and a leather vest to toughen up the look. Overall, I created a look that goes beautifully with the pumpkin patch scenery in Long Island but edgy enough for Manhattan’s city streets as well.

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