Wang’s Rebellious Side

Fur, leather, lace and, much more! Alexander Wang’s Fall 2016 show was the gift that kept on giving. From the black and white mini skirts to the striped over sized sweater dresses this season collection had so many prints, patterns and fabrics that just seemed to mesh so well together.


This collection was urban and rebellious feel with rich fabrics and textures like the tough leather on the skirts, the fur trim on the coats and lace hemlines reminded viewers they were still at a designer show. It is obvious Wang was inspired by the cool kids on his street dresses with marijuana shaped leaves on them and censor bars across the models breast bearing the word “strict” and “tender”.


My personal favorites were the corduroy shirts with the stripper on them, can someone say classic. As suggestive as the garments were the models were still covered up in tweed jackets and coats with fur trim. Its safe to safe Alexander Wang is making the line between street wear and high fashion nearly invisible.



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  1. I loved Wang’s take on bringing street wear into the fashion world. It allows people with all different styles to appreciate fashion week, and was certainly an eye-catching show! Loved it!


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